GCSE Business at Greatfields allows students the opportunity to explore a dynamic and challenging course. The knowledge attained by the students are completely relevant to the world in which we live in today and provides them with experiences that they will carry on into their lives. Students delve into learning about different concepts and methods used by businesses and how they impact the world all around them.

Within the Business Studies Department, we foster an atmosphere for our students to become independent learners and encourage them to use an enquiring and critical approach. This allows our students to be able to develop their arguments, distinguish between what is fact and what is an opinion and finally be able to make informed judgements. We aim to allow our students to develop into valuable members of society that contribute to the economy whilst also being aware of their ethical and environmental responsibilities.

The topics that we study in GCSE Business allow students to apply their knowledge and understanding to different business contexts ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals and businesses operating in local, national and global contexts. Students will be equipped with the necessary tools to develop their decision-making capabilities and apply it to the interdependent nature of business activity, influences on business, business operations, finance, marketing and human resources. Students will also learn to use quantitative and qualitative data in making business decisions whilst navigating their limitations.

GCSE Business Studies prepares you for AS/A2 Levels as well as BTEC and NVQ courses in many different subjects. Even if you do not want to go on to study business further you will have benefited from studying a GCSE Business course because many jobs you do will involve managing resources and people. Additionally, GCSE Business course could lead to work in a business-related profession such as accountancy, law, marketing or the leisure and tourism industry.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for Business:

Business Curriculum Overview

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