Mathematics is an essential discipline in today’s world, it surrounds us. We see and use math skills and capabilities every day, from advertising to doctors, retailers to builders, lawyers to accountants and the list goes on. Everyone needs some level of specific mathematical knowledge. Most professions use math to perform better and to get ahead in the world.

At Greatfields School Mathematics is understood to be fundamentally grounding to logical reasons and problem solving enabling students to become adept at tackling challenging mathematical problems. Successful problem solvers are able to understand what is expected of the problems they face, not only in the classroom but also in day to day life. We equip our students with the knowledge of understanding all of the details surrounding the problem at hand and steps on how to go about solving the problem, which is a key skill in life.

The Mathematics department at Greatfields School takes pride in the way we deliver mathematics, our teaching enables students to form connections and apply their skills to real life scenarios.  This is a powerful tool for understanding the world around us and our perspective of the important issues facing us as individuals, families, businesses, and nations.

Greatfields School is also part of the ICCAMS (Increasing Competence and Confidence in Algebra and Multiplicative structures), where investigative approaches to mathematics are used to apply the mathematical skills developed in lessons and to enable our students form links with various topics in the curriculum.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for Maths:

Maths Curriculum Plan

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