The application window has now closed. Please contact the school office if you require more information.

Entry requirements:

Sixth Form 2023-24 KS5 Entry Criteria

Vocational Entry Criteria

English GCSE Grade  4 or higher
Mathematics GCSE Grade  4 or higher
Attainment 8 3.60 or higher

A Level Criteria 

English GCSE Grade  5 or higher
Mathematics GCSE Grade  5 or higher
Attainment 8 4.60 or higher

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

A Level Subject Minimum GCSE Grade
English Literature 5 in English Lit
Maths 6 plus
Economics 6 in English Literature and 6 in Maths
Biology 6 or 66 combined
Chemistry 6 or 66 combined
History 5
Geography 5
Business Studies 5
Sociology 5 in Sociology at GCSE or 5 in GCSE English Lang/Lit
Art 5
Spanish 5
Psychology 5 in Psychology at GCSE or 5 in Maths/5 in Biology
Computer Science 6 in GCSE Maths

Interviews will commence from January 2023, upon receipt of a completed application and reference.

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