Our philosophy is to develop a passion for English Language and Literature within all students at Greatfields School.   The English department wants all students to feel empowered by what they study, to form critical opinions and to eloquently present their creative ideas.

The English team at Greatfields School is dedicated to celebrating the Literary Heritage of both the United Kingdom and the cultural heritages of our diverse community. We strive to create an evolving, progressive and engaging syllabus that prepares our students for the vigorous demands of the new curriculum. By immersing our students into a broad curriculum, we believe they are forging key skills that will allow them to compete nationally and understand the contextual relationships that exist outside of the conventional classroom.

Enrichment is at the heart of our vision and we are passionate about developing our students’ cultural capital, to appreciate the evolving nature of Literature. To support this endeavour, our students have been introduced to various West End theatre trips: Wicked, Matilda and Christmas Carol, to name a few.

Challenge is an essential part of the teaching at Greatfields School; we are proud of developing our students into empathetic and judicious readers that can explore the intricate relationship between a writer’s context and their writing style. Students display a thirst to be more knowledgeable about the Literature and the world of the past and to facilitate this, we have sought to incorporate Literacy into the whole school curriculum.

Our annual World Book Day celebrates the power of Literature across the entire curriculum and showcases how every person at Greatfields School is a teacher of literacy. Furthermore we have now invested in a whole school reading culture where DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time has successfully demonstrated to students the value of reading.

We strongly feel that these rich and meaningful experiences develop a balanced individual prepared not only to take their GCSE examinations but a child who can mature into a confident, articulate and independent ambassador representing our core values in the wider society.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for English:

English Curriculum Overview

Here is some advice with links to support your child’s learning as they move through Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4. 

Year 7 Parental Advice on Reading.

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