Year 11 External Test Timetable

17th May to 26th May.

Students will be informed of test lengths by subject teachers.  Students will be given the full two hours for the test.  They may leave after an hour and a half if they have completed the test.

The tests are subject to a high level of control.  This means that students should not be given guidance about specific topics or questions which will appear on these tests. The tests are to be sat in exam conditions, with no input or support from teachers.

Where two teachers are indicated, the first teacher supervises period1/3 and the second teacher supervises period 2/4.

Wb 17/5/2021 Week B

Wb 24/5/2021 Week A

Year 10 Mock

21st June to 2nd July 2021.

The timetable will be provided at the beginning of June.

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