There is a bursary available for those students who meet a criteria and have excellent attendance.

We pay for all our students UCAS applications.

16- 19 Bursary

Post 16 study requires significant focus and commitment, which is why at Greatfields we ensure we provide you with the financial support you need to enable you to complete your studies without distractions.
Please read our 16-19 Bursary Guide for students, before making an application:
Please click on the link below to apply for Bursary:

Colin Pond Scholarship

Each year the top achieving five Year 11s who move into Greatfields  Sixth Form are awarded the Colin Pond Scholarship. There is a ceremony where the Colin Pond Scholars from each of Barking and Dagenham’s school sixth forms receive their awards. Their proud parents and staff attend as well. The award itself is £300. Students use this in a range of different ways: some save it for the future, others put it towards lap tops, driving lessons, books or courses.

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