Studying Art and Design is an intellectual pursuit and we have high expectations for our pupils to engage in meaningful art practice which explores culture, emotion, spirituality, truth, controversy and aesthetics.

We believe contemporary art is multi-disciplinary and therefore strive to expose our pupils to a diverse range of practises, from drawing and painting to print and sculpture, textiles, design and digital manipulation and graphics. We understand that exciting artwork comes from passion and so support our pupils in finding a concept and method of working that suits their interests and aspirations. Throughout KS3 & 4 our aim is to develop in our pupils a range of transferrable skills including imagination and creativity, expression, visual thinking, observational skills, problem solving and analytical skills and autonomy.

We place great importance on the development of analytical and investigative skills. Each term our pupils are set the task of creating a visually stimulating contextual studies page. This allows them to critically investigate a specific form of art and develop links as to how, why and when these art forms were created. This investigation will support their own personal development of artwork.

Extra-Curricular and beyond the classroom: Our curriculum is supported by Art Club which is held weekly and also a range of opportunities from visiting art galleries within London and participating in artist-led workshops to entering into local and national art competitions.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for Art & Design:

Art and Design Curriculum Plan

KS4 Art Exhibition 

Year 10 and Year 11 students have worked extremely hard in pulling off some fantastic pieces for their end of year projects. Year 10’s have looked at the project ‘Identity’ and Year 11’s have looked at the theme ‘In a different way’ where they have branched out into their own personal projects. Well done to our Ks4 students for all their hard work. 

Year 8 Architecture project

Year 8 students were asked to respond to one of the following two briefs:  

  1. An urban building set in Barking. It is a public space and will be accessed by all the public. Your building must consider sustainability. 
  2. A rural building set on the hilltops of a national park in the UK. This is a private building which will be lived in by a family of 5. Your building must consider sustainability.  

The sculptures were created within 3 weeks during their Art lessons where students were only allowed to use recyclable materials. This encouraged their creativity and curiosity of how different materials can be used to create artwork. This project also encouraged much dialogue about the effect that climate change has on our planet and how it’s more important than ever that our buildings consider sustainability.  

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