How I can support my child with revision:

  • Find the Tracking Assessment dates on the school website. 
  • Make sure your child knows what they need to revise. Teachers will provide students with revision checklists, advice, homework, websites etc. Students can contact teachers via teams or in lessons for more information. 
  • Provide a calm space for your child to work. Busy home? All students are more than welcome to attend homework club after school (3pm-4pm). 
  • Help create a revision timetable to set aside clear expectations of when they should be working. 
  • Know your revision techniques? See below for some excellent independent learning tasks for students to help revise. 


It’s really important that students have the right resources to help them revise and also take pride in their work! Asda sells all kinds of stationary at a reasonable price. 


  • Flash cards 
  • Paper clips 
  • Highlighters 
  • Post-it notes 
  • Coloured card 
  • Coloured pens 
  • Pencils/pens/ruler 

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