The Textiles Department at Greatfields School is dedicated to fostering self-confident learners who excel both independently and within a team. We strive to provide a comprehensive education that not only develops students’ technical and practical skills but also nurtures their soft skills in order to benefit their personal and professional lives. Through collaborative projects and group activities, students will learn the value of teamwork, effective communication, and problem-solving. They will also be encouraged to be self-critical, reflecting on their work and pushing themselves to continually improve.

We create an environment where students can explore their creativity and develop a unique and expressive creative personality. Through engaging projects, we encourage students to think critically about the world around them, addressing social, cultural, and environmental issues through Textile Design. Our curriculum is designed to help students express themselves, project their voice, and develop their designing and problem-solving skills.

In our department, we emphasize the importance of developing a wide range of textile techniques, from traditional methods to innovative approaches. Students will have the opportunity to explore various disciplines, including fabric printing, sewing, embroidery, and dress making. By practicing these skills, students will gain a deep understanding of the possibilities and versatility of textile design.

We aim to make students aware of their role as consumers in the textile industry. We will explore topics such as sustainability, ethical production, and the impact of consumer choices. By promoting conscious consumption, we hope to instill a sense of responsibility and awareness among our students, empowering them to make informed decisions as future consumers.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for Textiles:

Textiles Curriculum Plan

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