Greatfields is built on three simple principles:

1) A culture in every classroom in which students are working harder than the teacher, are not afraid to make mistakes and can become independent learners.

2) A culture of positive behaviour with high behavioural expectations for our students and strong relationships between staff and students.

3) High aspirations for all students.


Greatfields School Mission Statement

We want all our students to:

  • feel happy and safe in school;
  • be able to compete with any other child in the country;
  • have high ambitions for themselves and to understand that they will only achieve these ambitions through hard work;
  • become independent learners;
  • have access to a wide and varied curriculum, both inside and outside of the classroom;
  • play an active role in the school community.


We want all our staff to:

  • build positive relationships with all members of the school community rooted in mutual respect;
  • build our students’ cultural capital and self-confidence;
  • celebrate the achievements and success of our students;
  • provide our students with clear and consistent routines and boundaries;
  • plan, deliver and facilitate an ambitious, challenging curriculum for all our students.
  • feel valued, respected and challenged;
  • prioritise their professional development.


We want our school to:

  • celebrate the diversity of our community;
  • value and engage with our local community;
  • engage with our parents to enable them to support their children in achieving their ambitions;
  • deliver consistently high quality teaching and learning for all our students.   


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