Greatfields Performing Arts department enables students to study the arts and value the important role they play within the curriculum. The Performing Arts curriculum includes Dance, Drama and Music. Students acquire and extend their knowledge by developing their key skills and self within the Performing Arts. 

Students will explore a range of Performing Arts techniques, skills, styles, genres and themes. 

The Performing Arts department will encourage students to develop and contribute towards:

Learning and acquiring key life skills, such as; communication, cooperation, self-confidence, working with others, and independence; Schemes of work aim to build skills in understanding and applying knowledge of the Performing Arts. Through Dance, Drama and Music students are able to participate in a way which differs from any other area of learning. Student’s creativity and confidence are developed as well as their cultural and social awareness, allowing every student the chance to succeed within the Performing Arts. Students will also learn to analyse in a supportive manner the work of others and then apply these transferable skills to all areas of their academic, personal and professional life. 

Students at Greatfields School have the opportunity to attend a range of extra-curricular Performing Arts clubs, as well as being involved in numerous performance opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to perform at various events within the borough and also at national competitions, we ensure students are exposed to a range of live theatre performances and are able to work with professional artists and practitioners working within the industry.  

Please click on the link below to see our programme of study for Performing Arts: 

Performing Arts Curriculum Plan


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