The Spanish department at Greatfields has three main aims in regards to teaching and learning. These are: Independence in learning, immersion in the language and learning language that students can use in real life scenarios. By combining these three, we hope to develop passionate language learners who will be prepared to use their language skills effectively in the outside world and continue to develop their language skills independently when they leave education.

We aim to develop independence in learning in the following ways: Students are supported with a variety of resources which they are taught to use in every lesson. All Spanish classrooms have wall displays which can be used to improve their written work. Students are trained to use these during lesson time so that they are less reliant on the teacher. The Spanish department also encourages students to continue to develop their language skills outside of the classroom. We help students to achieve this by offering Key stage 3 revision guides. Students are also encouraged to use online resources to aid their language learning at home and are taught to do so in lesson.

Immersion in language is encouraged in lessons through use of the Target Language by teachers in lessons and by encouraging students to respond in Spanish where possible. Outside of the classroom, we have Spanish club once a week where students can practise the language by playing a variety of games and activities. Additionally, we play Spanish music in lessons to promote a love of the culture and so that students are constantly hearing the language being used.

The curriculum has been planned so that students are regularly using authentic texts and audios in lessons. These are used for translation and listening tasks, as well as identifying different grammatical structures to train them to deal with these texts in the future.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for Spanish:

Spanish Curriculum Plan

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