Psychology is a scientific discipline that seeks to explore the mind and how biology and the environment shape human behaviour, from conception throughout our entire lives. The aim of the Psychology department is to enable students at Greatfields School to gain insight into what shapes us as individuals and develop a holistic picture of how to understand human behaviour. By studying A-Level Psychology, students are empowered to become critical and empathetic observers of the world around them. This course features a diverse curriculum that challenges societal biases and calls into question what is considered ‘normal behaviour.’

Although most students will have no prior knowledge of Psychology, the A-Level is designed to build on skills and link prior knowledge from GCSE Biology, Maths and English. Students are taught to become scientific researchers and critical writers by applying theory, studies, approaches and key vocabulary to novel and real-life scenarios. For example, studying Social Influence can provide understanding of a range of social situations, from social groups to extreme scenarios, such as genocide. The optional units chosen are Schizophrenia, Forensic Psychology and Relationships. These complex subject matters demystify abnormal behaviour and provides clarity when perceiving the world around us.

Overall, the A-Level Psychology curriculum develops inclusive and well-rounded thinkers, independent researchers and serves to break down barriers in society.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for Psychology:

Psychology CurriculumOverview

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