The main aim for History at Greatfields School is to create independent thinkers, whom challenge the interpretations laid down by historians. We look to cover a wide range of history both conceptually and geographically. Nearly every single continent is covered in KS3.

Parts of the KS3 curriculum focus on ancient history and history of the Far East. This allows students to grapple with sources and interpretations which have been well researched and therefore allowing them to analyse them to a higher degree to form their own opinion.

Other aspects of the KS3 curriculum are not traditionally taught at that level, but are generally more interesting topics, such as the Russian Revolution, Vikings and the entire history of the Tudors through portraits. This opens students up students to different types of historical evidence and shows the importance of not just written information, but also pictorial and physical.

There is a strong look at British History also within the curriculum, starting from the influence the Romans and the Vikings had on England, to the Norman Invasion. Fast forwarding to the Tudors, arguably the most powerful dynasty in British History. Finally ending with the influence of Britain in both World Wars. Here students get to see the evolution of politics, religion, social and economic policy over an extended period of time.

Please click on the link below to see our Programme of Study for History:

History Curriculum Plan