Partnership London SCITT

Our school offers a high quality placement for all trainee teachers through Partnership London SCITT

About Partnership London SCITT

Training high quality practitioners to inspire today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Partnership London SCITT (PLS) is dedicated to developing and improving education in East London.

East London is a culturally rich, diverse and evolving community, and our aim is to recruit, train and retain the very best teachers for the young people in this community. At our core, we are a partnership and our mission focuses on the following three elements of teacher training and education:


Our learner centred curriculum aims to create a learning community rooted in continual reflection and professional dialogue between PLS teachers, expert colleagues and the learners they serve.


Our subject centred curriculum recognises the importance of knowledge and encourages commitment to lifelong learning as subject/phase specialists.


Our society centred curriculum encourages PLS teachers to serve, promote and challenge the community of the PLS partnership.

PLS is led by a team of educational experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge. This team is supported by high quality practitioners, still practising in schools across East London.

For more information on Partnership London SCITT, our vision and how to apply, follow the link to our website:

Facebook: Partnership London SCITT

Instagram: pls_scitt

Twitter: PLS_SCITT

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